How to Teach Yourself to Paint

How to Teach Yourself to Paint

Painting comes with a lot of great mental benefits. Because of that, you will find that a lot of people turn to painting when they just need to relax their minds and become creative.
At the same time, many people are scared to start painting. This is usually because of insecurity, and most people think that you can only paint when you have the talent. There is also a group of people that just don’t know how to get started.
These people become confused when they start to think about choosing the correct brushes, paint, and more. Therefore, they end up concluding that painting is complicated.
Well, this article has been designed to give you steps that you can take in order to teach yourself how to paint. We truly hope that the following information will be helpful.

Buy Quality Supplies

The first thing that you must understand is that paint comes in two types, that is professional quality and student quality. In order to get the best results, we suggest that you go for the professional artist quality. This is because we think that your growth might be impeded if you go for student quality.
You will notice that student quality paint has a low pigment load. Also, student paint comes with added fillers. Because of that, you will find it is hard to achieve bright colours that are clean, which means that you will create murky paintings.
You must make sure that you start out with a primary colour palette. Additionally, if you are working in an opaque medium, it’s important that you get a tube of white. That way, you will be able to learn to mix all the versions of the colours you have.
When it comes to brushes, about 5 brushes, that come in different shapes and sizes, will be enough to help you get started. Working with a small number of brushes at first ensures that you learn the types of brushes that you prefer quickly. Also, we suggest that at this point, you focus more on learning the different types of marks that each brush makes.

Get An Overview Of The Painting Process

As painters developed paintings over the years, some of them figured efficient systems for getting started. Now, that information is easily accessible. In fact, you will be able to find a lot of how-to videos and books on the internet.
You should make sure that you search for titles that actually suit what you are looking for. Fortunately, you will be able to find a lot of resources on things such as how to start painting, how to draw and fill a painting with colour, how to create a tonal underpainting, and so much more.
The great thing about these resources is that some of them are in-depth, allowing you to get all the necessary information that you need. On top of that, you will be able to access them for free.
The more that you go over these guides and keep practising is the more that you become better at painting and gain more skills. Soon enough, you will be confident enough.